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Safety Cost Avoidance – Valuable Injury Elimination and Health Cost Reduction
  • Facts don't lie. Trucking is a statistically dangerous occupation. Injury statistics for Truck Drivers indicate they are 35% more likely than average workers to be injured.
  • Nationwide and across all occupations, truck drivers have experienced the most injuries and illnesses with time away from work since 1993.
  • Truck drivers with sprains, strains and tears in the shoulders and knees have longer Days Away From Work (DAFW) than do all other occupations combined
  • Disability counts from employers report nearly 40,000 drivers annually suffering more than 31 days lost-time per case.
  • In 1994 alone, seven out of every 100 truckers were injured on the job, according to the federal government's Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Strains and sprains account for 50 percent of all non-traffic-related trucker injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Point is – It's NOT IF but WHEN will an injury occur.
  • There are over 85,000 Trucking Injuries annually
  • It is predictable how much an injury will cost - National Safety Council Data
  • It Is predictable that Injuries will occur - Bureau Labor Standards Data
  • Average Non Moving-Vehicular Injury Costs are $ 19,800 + - National Safety Council
  • The National Safety Council states the Average Sprain or Strain costs $ 15,757.

As Trucking Management Pros You know the Real Costs of Injuries include -
  • Fleet Revenue Losses
  • Management Expenses – Fixing Problem
  • Productivity
  • Equipment Damage - Repair and / or Replace
  • Employers' Uninsured Costs
  • Driver Wage Losses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Insurance Premiums
  • Medical Insurance Premiums Increase
  • Fleet Customer Losses
    • Confidence
    • Make Actual Backup Delivery
    • Cost of Sales / Revenue Impact
      • Possibly have to find a new Customer, or
      • Perform Damage Control on Existing Relationship

Investing in Injury Cost Avoidance Technologies is smart business !!
The Great News is – with Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems you can totally eliminate one Entire Category of Trucking Injury – all Landing Gear related Injuries.
  • Insurance Premiums may be reduced.
  • Reduced Driver Pool Injuries may reduce worker's compensation.
  • Satisfies current ergonomic recommendations.
To Give You an Idea, Here are specific Trucking Industry Productivity Losses due to Injuries

You can Eliminate One Entire Category of Injury Loss with Patriot Lifts

Freight Not Moved Results In –
  • Fleet Customer Revenues Lost
  • Customer (Fleet customers) Satisfaction Damage Control
  • Worker Wages Lost

These Data do not include Medical and Recuperative Expenses
Assuming average Revenue per trailer of $150,000 per year.
$ 150,000 / year / 244 Working Days per year = $615 freight revenue / day
$ 615 / day x 8,328,000 DAFW * = $5,121,720,000 / 7 years
Lost Truck Driving Productivity – Injury Related Vehicular and Non Vehicular = $731,576,286 / year
Non Vehicular DAFW Non Vehicular Injuries = $365,788,143 / year
Back and Shoulder Strains and Sprains DAFW = $192,894,071 / year
Estimated Landing Gear / Loading Related DAFW = $91,447,035/ year

* Bureau Labor Statistics – Calculated Trucking Injuries Days Away From Work (DAFW) Productivity Losses Only