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How Did You Hear About Us?:

Occupational Health and Safety Certified OSHA has embraced the technology of
air operated landing gear automation.
Eliminates Injuries, Saves on Workers Compensation
Significantly improves ability to hire and retain drivers.
ON-Lift Air Automation significantly improves the ability to hire drivers of all ages, gender and physical handicaps as well as retaining existing drivers.
ON-Lift Landing Gear Automation significantly reduces Workers Compensation Cost while delivering operational productivity improvements.
Direct from Patriot Lift
ON-LIFT automatically raises and lowers trailer landing gear.
Easy to install, easy to maintain, fits and easily retrofits to most types of landing gear.
Significantly reduces landing gear damage and saves space when parking trailers.
Reduces injuries and may reduce workers compensations premiums
Quick Overview Fleet Benefits
  • Significant Reduction in Workers Compensation and Other Insurance Costs
  • Improves Driver Hiring and Retention
  • Potential Revenue Increase of $100,000 Per Year or Greater Per 10 Trailers
  • Significant Reduction in Equipment Damage
  • Improve the efficiency of parking trailers by 20%
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • Eliminates Injuries
  • Saves on Workers Compensation