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ON-Load TM is a two-speed, single or dual leg operation. Various configurations are available upon customer request to address lift, stabilization and/or speed of deployment.

ON-Load TM which helps prevent 'Dock-Walk' and Trailer Rear End Sag on Air-Ride Trailer Systems. At the dock when the trailer is not hooked up to the tractor, ON-Load uniquely and independently acts as a stabilization unit and prevents those problems normally associated with Air Ride Systems. ON-Load can be applied to a single speed, single leg Air-Powered stabilizer unit with 60,000 lbs. static weight capability.
  • Rear Trailer Stabilizer automation
  • Safety Cost Avoidance – Valuable Injury Elimination and Health Cost Reduction
  • Capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds
  • Capable of lifting 60,000 lbs.
  • 48.5 ft/lb. torque
  • 220 RPM
  • Capable of lifting a 60,000 lb. trailer.
  • 48.5 ft/lb. torque RPM = 220
  • Raise and lower landing gear in less than 10 seconds
  • Only requires a fingertip force to raise or lower a fully loaded trailer

Trailer Rear Stabilizer Automation
  • Capable of lifting up a 60,000 lb trailer.
  • 48.5 ft/lb torque RPM = 220
  • Raises and lowers landing gear in less than 10 seconds
  • Total Unit Weight 9lbs
  • Model 2000 includes Master Control Box with lubricator, 3 way control valve & on off valve.
  • Universal mounting bracket kit
  • Special high torque pneumatic motor
  • All the necessary couplings and lines to attach to the Emergency brake lines
  • Eliminates Ergonomic Injuries relative to the landing gear operation.
  • Eliminates the need of performing high torque manual task of up to 100 Ft/lbs. with a task that requires less than 1 lb.

Additional Information
It is important to note that the Patriot Lift Systems operates more efficiently for speed /timing with some landing gear types than others.
  • Holland 4000 series = 6 sec / 46,000#
  • Holland 50,000 / 51,000 = 15 sec / 61,000#
  • Holland Mark V = 8.5 sec / 60,000#
  • Austin-Westran= 10.9 sec/ 34,000#

The following charts illustrate the timing and lifting capacity capabilities (utilizing the regular motor) of the Patriot Lift System using various types of landing gear available in the market today.

RECOMMENDING operating efficiently on SAF HOLLAND LANDING or landing gear with external gear box