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ON-LIFT® landing gear automaton
Does ON-LIFT improve the ability to hire drivers?
ON-Lift air automation significantly improves the ability to hire & retain drivers of all ages, sex, and physical handicaps in conformance with EEOC Regulations. We have noticed many customers are installing the automation just to retain the older / semi disabled trained workers.

Does On-Lift® improve safety?
ON-LIFT Eliminates injuries and significantly reduces workers compensation costs while delivering operational productivity improvement. Endorsed by OSHA.

Does On-Lift® improve productivity?
The raising and lowering of landing gear can be performed in fewer than 10 seconds vs. 10 to 15 minutes for a manual cranking operation. See the savings calculator on website to calculate your savings.

Does On-Lift® reduce damage to equipment?
On-Lift® enables the landing gear to easily raise to the proper height thus significantly eliminating landing gear damage and damage to the 5th wheel. See our savings calculator on the website to calculate your savings.

Can a Fleet save parking space with On-Lift®?
ON-LIFT can enable a fleet or distribution center to park 5 trailers in the space of 4 (a 20% improvement.)

What is the technology of the On-Lift® automated landing gear?
The patented technology is based on air supplied from the Emergency Brake system that operates a durable high quality precision pneumatic motor system at a speed of 220 RPM to safely and efficiently raise or lower landing gear on tractor trailers. There is no auxiliary power i.e. batteries, hydraulics etc. required.

Does On-Lift® operate on all landing gear systems?
ON-LIFT performs on all landing gear systems.
On the SAF Holland landing gear lifting a 60,000lb trailer in seconds.
On the JOST landing gear lifting a 25,000lb trailer in seconds.
If the need arises to lift a heavy trailer, simply install the crank and manually raise the trailer.

Is On-Lift® reliable or require maintenance?
ON-LIFT is very reliable and tested to over 30,000 cycles under load (over 25 years of operation with 5 drop & hook/day.)
There is virtually no maintenance issues with ON-LIFT® and only requires checking the lubrication bowl periodically.

Is the installation of an On-Lift® difficult and timely?
The system can be installed in 2 hours in most applications.

Does On-Lift® require much effort to operate?
ON-LIFT requires a force of less than 1/2lb to raise or lower the landing gear vs. a manual operation that requires over 50 repetitive cranks at forces from 50 to 100 ft-lbs.

Does On-Lift® require auxiliary power?
ON-LIFT power source is air from the Emergency Brake System and requires NO auxiliary power (i.e. battery, hydraulics etc.)

Does On-Lift® work in all weather conditions?
ON-LIFT being an air powered operation will work in all temperature conditions that a trailer is subjected to.

Is there a locking mechanism on the unit which prevents the landing gear from coming down by itself?
The design of the landing gear itself prevents the leg from coming down without human intervention.

If the unit for an unlikely reason does not operate is there a way of raising or lowering the landing gear?
The landing gear can be raised or lowered manually by simply installing the crank.

Is it safe to get the air from the emergency brake system?
The position of the FMCSA is that the use of the air from the emergency brake line on a trailer is safe dependable, and efficient for powering the ON-LIFT automation.
The installation of On-Lift® adheres to the FMVSS Title 49 Section 121 standards for trailer manufacturers.
In all the years that we have had this product in the market place we have never had an issue related to the use of the emergency brake for this purpose. Reliability: The emergency brake system is the most reliable source of air available to operate our unit since it insures that air is always available, maintaining constant pressure.
Efficacy: Using the emergency brake line is also efficient since it has constant pressure and when a trailer is parked the use of the system does not affect operation of the trailer.

Where can I purchase the Product?
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