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Safety Bulletin

Tractor Trailer Landing Gear Automation

Patriot Lift Co has developed a pneumatic automatic landing gear system for tractor trailers in the Transortation Industry.

History and Facts

Studies show that the incidence of drivers injured due to manually operating the landing gear is 2.5% per year.
The percentage increases 4-fold to 10% for drivers ages 50 or older as well as women drivers.
The Landing Gear Automation brings the incidence of injury from up to 10% down to zero.

We are extremely excited that OSHA has just embraced the technology of air powered landing gear as a significant improvement in reducing injuries over manually raising and lowering the landing gear.

The landing gear on trailers are predominantly raised or lowered manually by the driver using a mechanical crank that hangs off the rod of the landing gear.

The manual Cranking torque required to raise or lower a landing gear on a full trailer is between 50 ft/lbs. to 100ft/lbs. with at least 50 complete rotations of the crank.

This manual craning operation is the major cause for muscular skeletal injuries for drivers.

Demographics of drivers show a significant increase in age as well as a significant increase in women into the profession. This trend lends to an increase in the frequency of ergonomic injuries.

Safety Benefits Utilizing Landing Gear Automation

  • Eliminates Ergonomic Injuries relative to the landing gear operation.
  • Eliminates the need of performing high torque manual task of up to 100 Ft/lbs. with a task that requires less than 1 lb.
  • Provides an Equal Employment Opportunity in that the task can be performed regardless of Age, Sex or Physical Handicap.
  • Potential reduction in Workers Compensation Costs.
  • Additional benefits. See more


  • Landing gear operation
    The landing gear operation is typically performed manually with torques up to 100 ft/lbs.

    Landing gear operation


  • Rear stabilizer operation
    Typically trailers with air suspension systems as well as other trailers tend settle after a period of time sitting by the dock. (Dock Squat) This subject the dock workers to a potent unsafe environment while loading the trailers. The rear stabilizer with automation eliminates that safety issue.


    Landing gear operation

Additional Support Information

If you need more information about the technology please contact:

Dave Rivers Jr.
VP Operations
Phone 207-703-8433