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Productivity Gains – Key Points Features and Benefits
  • If your Fleet averages 2 to 5 Hooks and Drops per Day, by using our Patented Pneumatic Lifts you can improve your Fleet Productivity by 20% to 30% depending on your environment
  • Gaining time / Increasing Productivity through our unique Pneumatic Lifts results in More Time Available to carry additional freight or travel further using the same Fixed Costs now in your financial model.
  • With Normal cranking times dramatically reduced and using as an example Patriot pneumatic Lift Assists for 4 hook and drops per day, you would pick up 2 more days per month – and not raise your fixed costs.
  • Who do you know besides Patriot that can give you 2 more working days per month for the same fixed costs you are carrying now?? And In addition Increase Safety and Enhance Driver Recruiting and Retention Benefits !!!!!!!!
  • Automatically raises and lowers landing gear in less than 10 seconds, with or without load.
  • Reduces damage to equipment.
  • Saves space when parking trailers.
  • Operates in both high and low gear.
  • Operates with All Major Landing Gear systems.