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ON-Lift Model 2000HD
ON-Lift Model 2000HD
ON-Lift Model 2000HD

ON-Lift Model 2000HD

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ON-Load TM is a two-speed, single or dual leg operation. Various configurations are available upon customer request to address lift, stabilization and/or speed of deployment.

ON-Load TM which helps prevent 'Dock-Walk' and Trailer Rear End Sag on Air-Ride Trailer Systems. At the dock when the trailer is not hooked up to the tractor, ON-Load uniquely and independently acts as a stabilization unit and prevents those problems normally associated with Air Ride Systems. ON-Load can be applied to a single speed, single leg Air-Powered stabilizer unit with 100,000 lbs. static weight capability.
  • Rear Trailer Stabilizer automation
  • Safety Cost Avoidance – Valuable Injury Elimination and Health Cost Reduction
  • Capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds
  • Capable of lifting 100,000 lbs.
  • 107 ft/lb. stall torque
  • 160 RPM Free Speed
  • Only requires a fingertip force to raise or lower a fully loaded trailer

Landing Gear Automation
  • Capable of lifting up a 100,000 lb trailer.
  • 107 ft/lb torque RPM = 160
  • Raises and lowers landing gear in less than 10 seconds
  • Total Unit Weight 9 lbs.
  • Model 2000 includes Master Control Box with lubricator, 3-way control valve & on off valve.
  • Universal mounting bracket kit
  • Special high torque pneumatic motor
  • All the necessary couplings and lines to attach to the Emergency brake lines
  • Eliminates Ergonomic Injuries relative to the landing gear operation.
  • Eliminates the need of performing high torque manual task of up to 100 Ft/lbs. with a task that requires less than 1 lb.

Installation Manual SAF Holland Landing Gear

Installation Manual JOST Landing Gear

Additional Information
It is important to note that the Patriot Lift Systems operates more efficiently for speed /timing with some landing gear types than others.
  • Holland 4000 series = 6 sec / 46,000#
  • Holland 50,000 / 51,000 = 15 sec / 61,000#
  • Holland Mark V = 8.5 sec / 60,000#
  • Austin-Westran= 10.9 sec/ 34,000#

The following charts illustrate the timing and lifting capacity capabilities (utilizing the regular motor) of the Patriot Lift System using various types of landing gear available in the market today.

*If you currently are using Jost Landing Gear, please contact us so we can make the appropriate adjustments to your purchase.