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Press Release WIT
August 19, 2019

The Patriot Lift Company - developer, manufacturer and distributor of PATENTED REVOLUTIONARY Labor Saving Pneumatic Landing Gear & Rear Stabilizer Automation has entered into a PARTNERSHIP with Women In Trucking to further the goals of both organizations.

Women In Trucking WIT is a rapidly growing organization for Professional Women in the Trucking and Transportation Industries. Ellen Voie Chair Woman of the Board for Women In Trucking says "Patriot Lift Corporate Goals for Trucking Industry - Productivity, Safety, and Driver Recruiting and Retention are the same as ours. Patriot Lift products provide a welcome boost to Women Transportation Executives, Drivers and Cargo handlers, and offer leading edge ergonomic tools to Increase Productivity, Promote Safety, and Positively contribute to Driver Recruiting and Retention. These systems will save many drivers from painful and expensive medical conditions as Landing Gear related injuries are ELIMINATED."

WIT also advocates that Patriot Lift Systems not only increase productivity for those Drivers performing a lot of hook and drop, it also provides Drivers a welcome break from the fatigue of tedious hand cranking. In today's Competitive Market for dedicated, experienced safe drivers - providing these benefits is a great plus. Paybacks for the Patriot Lift Systems are often 2 to 3 months with Fleet Owners commonly experiencing increases in Productivity of 20% to 30%, WHILE IMPROVING SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS.

As trucking is the only Provider of Goods to 75 percent of American Communities and the North American average Driver Turnover Rate per Fleet is currently 100 % per year, both Patriot Lift and WIT are partnering to optimize technology and leverage creative Patriot Lift Products to aid Trucking Productivity, Safety, and Driver Recruiting and Retention. Further the Patriot Lift systems are 100 % Pneumatic & RELIABLE - as a result require no batteries, no solar panels, no hydraulics, no mess, and minimal maintenance.

Dave Rivers Sr, Patriot Lift Co. CEO & Chairman states "The Patriot Lift Company is pleased to enter into this Win / Win Partnership with The Women In Trucking Organization. We feel it is essential to align ourselves for the future with Partnerships that optimize ergonomic goals and genuinely improve the Trucking Workplace. As is projected - by 2016 Freight Movement is forecasted to increase by 45% to about 13 Billion Tons per year along with other metrics. The average age of drivers is continually increasing and the number of women in the driving profession over 200,000 and growing, we need to eliminate the tedious cranking of landing gear operation to bring the workplace to a more productive and employee friendly environment. With our Alliance with WIT, a Top Quality future looking Professional Organization, we look forward to positioning our mutual efforts for contribution and success in the dynamic Trucking Industry of today and the future."

Please take advantage of this new partnership, both WIT and Patriot Lift are committed to providing a better and safer working environment for all.

Ellen Voie
Board of Directors
Women In Trucking, Inc.
P O Box 400
Plover, WI 54467-0400
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