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Meritor WABCO /Patriot Lift Systems Integration for Safety and equipment damage reduction
August 19, 2019
The Patriot Lift Company is participating in a Two Phase demonstration project with Meritor WABCO to integrate Patriot's unique, patented, pneumatic lift systems into the Meritor WABCO Trailer ABS system and new truck mounted PLC display.

Phase One will use the ABS speed sensors and a proximity switch to automatically raise the landing gear, if it is not completely raised at the time a target speed is reached. If the tractor trailer rig is moving faster than a user optional speed (user preset @ 5, 10, 15 mph etc) and the proximity switch indicated the gear is partially lowered, the Meritor WABCO Anti Lock Braking System will trigger a signal to a solenoid in the Patriot Lift control box to raise the gear and will alert the driver on the display. Occasionally drivers may move off with partially extended gear and increase the potential for damaging the gear. Integration of the Patriot Lift pneumatic systems and the Meritor WABCO Anti Lock Brak ing System will eliminate most if not all landing gear damage caused by partially lowered gear.

This Phase has been completed and successful, currently the Meritor Wabco technology trailer is touring.

Phase Two of this project will show the Landing Gear status in the cab to the driver and will allow the driver to raise or lower the landing gear with the Up/Down keys on the display in his / her cab when at zero speed, completely shielding the driver from any Landing Gear raising and lowering injuries, keeping him / her out of the weather, and streamlining the Landing Gear management process."
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