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Management and Operations - Features and Benefits
In Your Daily Scramble to Balance Customers, Management, Owners, and Drivers

From the Eye of The Hurricane — Did You Know
  • Americans are deeply indebted to their Truckling Companies. US Trucking Firms and Drivers deliver to Americans 87% of their transported food, clothing, finished products, raw materials, and other items.
  • In the US Truckers move 8.9 billion tons of freight annually. Truck transportation is the most flexible mode for freight shipment, providing door-to-door service to every city, manufacturing plant, warehouse, retail store and home in the country.
  • There are 35,000 Motor Carriers.
  • The Trucking Industry is Professional Home to 10,000,000 People including 3,000,000 Truck Drivers of all types.
  • Trucking Supports one out of every 14 civilian jobs.
  • Trucking Companies Move Freight over 400 billion miles per year in the US.
  • Trucks are the only providers of goods to 75 percent of American communities.
  • By 2016 total annual tonnage hauled is expected to increase by nearly 4 billion tons, or 45 % over present rates of Freight Carrying.

We Can Dramatically Help Make Your Job Easier and Safer
Do you want an Easy To Install, Easy To Operate, Maintenance Free Product to quickly contribute to The Safety, Efficiency, Productivity, and Driver Satisfaction of Your Fleet ?

You are in the Right Place at the Right Time — Patriot Lift® Systems offers unique automated Landing Gear and Rear Stabilizer Systems
  • Very Easy to Operate for Men, Women, and Senior Drivers
  • Normally take about an hour to install
  • Air operated – no messy hydraulics.
  • No electrical power source or solar panels needed.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance.
  • Retains the crank as a back-up.
  • Operates under all weather conditions.
  • Fits all types of landing gear.
  • Easily retrofits to your existing manual landing gear.
  • Compact, lightweight design only weighs 9 lbs.
  • Exclusive patented technology.
  • Raises and lowers landing gear in under 10 seconds with or without load
  • Option to Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Completely Eliminates Landing Gear Injuries
  • Saves trailer parking space by up to 10%
  • Greatly improves Productivity and Driver Retention
  • Great motivator for all drivers.
  • Satisfies Ergonomic Recommendations
  • Rear Stabilizer Version enhances safety and productivity