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Driver Recruiting and Retention

ON-Lift air automation significantly improves the ability to hire drivers of all ages, sex and physical handicaps as well as retaining existing drivers.

With a very strong emphasis and need today for trained, motivated, and capable drivers, Patriot Lift Systems gives you an opportunity to provide additional driver incentives to improve job performance and increase job satisfaction.
  • With typical driver turnover rates at 116 % to 150 % / year, all Driver Assist Systems are welcome
  • There is a Major Trucking Industry Need to Improve Productivity and Promote Environment of Safety
  • Patriot Lift Systems help to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate Trained Drivers
  • The Cost to train new drivers averages over $10,000 each
  • Proven Ease of Operation Motivates Drivers
  • Easy to operate for both men and women
  • Helps to recruit, train, and motivate drivers of all ages
  • This is supportive of EEO Equal Employment Opportunity in that is sets up a work friendly environment that could be performed by all operators regardless of age, sex and physical handicap vs manual operation that requires repetitive cranking with up to 100 ft/lbs force
  • The automation also supports the HOS (hours of Service) Policy
  • Senior and female drivers PRICELESS