• Model 2000 Lift System (technical specifications below)
  • Model 2000 Lift HD System
    (same technical specifications of the Model 2000, but will lift up to a 100,000 lb. Trailer loaded.)
  • Click here for the test results from Ingersoll Rand in conjunction with independent lab testing..
Patriot Lift’s commitment to Safety as evidenced by our new Master Control Box.     This is an accessory add-on by request.

Typical Mounting Bracket

Side View
Back View

Mounting Hardware

Regular Motor
Capable of Lifting 60,000 Lbs

0.72 HP
48.5 ft-lbs stall torque
28 scfm air consumption
220 RPM Free Speed
4 lbs weight

Heavy Duty Motor
Capable of Lifting 100,000 Lbs

0.85 HP
107 ft-lbs stall torque
28 scfm air consumption
160 RPM Free Speed
5.4 lbs weight


Global patents pending.
ON-Lift ( patented )
US patent number 5,299,829.


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