On-Lift is the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automation on the market worldwide. The automation is capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds and there is virtually no maintenance required. The air power is delivered from the Emergency Brake System so that no other auxiliary power is required. The motors have been tested to over 30,000 cycles under load with no failures. That is equivalent to 20 years usage with significant drops and hooks per day. The units will operate well in severe weather conditions at both significant high and low temperatures. The unit can be installed in less than 2 hours and only weighs 10 lbs.

Model 2000
Capable of lifting up a 60,000 lb trailer.
48.5 ft/lb torque RPM = 220

Model 2000HD
Capable of lifting up a 100,000 lb trailer
106 ft/lb torque RPM = 160


ON-LoadTM is a two-speed, single or dual leg operation. Various configurations are available upon customer request to address lift, stabilization and/or speed of deployment.

ON-LoadTM is our newest product which helps prevent 'Dock-Walk' and Trailer Rear End Sag on Air-Ride Trailer Systems. At the dock when the trailer is not hooked up to the tractor, ON-Load uniquely and independently acts as a stabilization unit and prevents those problems normally associated with Air Ride Systems.

Master Control Box



Global patents pending.
ON-Lift ( patented )
US patent number 5,299,829.


Global patents pending.
ON-Lift ( patented )
US patent number 5,299,829.


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