Patriot Lift OSHA Announcement

Patriot Lift Co, the world leader in
Air Operated Automated Landing Gear,
is pleased to announce that we have been working with
OSHA for years documenting safety issues relative to the manual
cranking of landing gear on tractor trailers.

OSHA has taken the initiative and has put together
with our assistance a safety bulletin
as well as a real life success story.

The bulletin at this time has been distributed internally to all the
agents in the USA. The success story is posted on their website.

Per OSHA; Actual costs of injuries vary considerably depending on
severity and body part injured.

It is estimated by the National Safety Council that in 2011 the average
cost of an injury was about $37000 in both direct and indirect costs.

Injuries due to manual cranking of landing gear at torques of 50 to 100
ft/lbs with repetitions of 50 or more has increased due to the
demographics of aging trend of drivers as well as more females
and those with physical handicaps in the driving profession

We are extremely excited that OSHA has just embraced
the technology of air powered landing gear as a
significant improvement in reducing injuries over
manually raising and lowering the landing gear.

Studies show that the incidence of drivers injured by
manually operating the landing gear is 2.5% year.

The percentage increases 4 fold to 10% with drivers
aged 50 & up as well as women drivers.

The Automation brings the incidence of injury
from up to 10% down to Zero.

Read the OSHA Success Story Here

See the Safety Bulletin Here

Watch the Video Here

See the Fleet Benefits Bulletin Here

Made in the USA Brochure

Patriot Lift Company, LLC has customers that have justified this automation with the reduction in workers compensation costs alone.

Other added benefits of installing
Air Operated Automated Landing Gear:
  • productivity improvement
  • reduced equipment damage
  • 20% improvement in parking efficiency
  • Improves Employee hiring and retention

Obviously the drivers are grateful for improving safety in their work environment.

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Global patents pending.
ON-Lift ( patented )
US patent number 5,299,829.


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