Productivity, Safety Cost Avoidance, Driver Recruiting and Retention


Any one of these benefits provides Strong Justification for investing in Patriot Systems! If you need to take advantage of Critical Patriot Lift Benefits in all 3 Areas, then you have hit a Grand Slam by investing in our unique Lifting Systems!

Order units today so you can appreciate first hand the Valuable Financial, Operational, Safety, and Personnel benefits Patriot Lift Units bring to your Management Team and Fleet.

Fleet Benefits

Potential revenue increase of $100,000 per year.
Improves Employee moral.
Park 5 trailers in the space originally for 4.

Management and Operations

Learn how to Increase freight hauling Productivity, Increase Safety, and Enhance Driver Ergonomics with our powerful, unique, low maintenance lifting systems.


Learn about Safety Cost Avoidance using Patriot Lifting Systems.
Did you know you can eliminate one entire category of common Injury for Truck Drivers?

Productivity Gains

If your Driving Teams average 4 to 5 Hook and Drops per day, learn how you can pick up another 2 days of freight hauling each month with no increase in fixed cost.

Driver Recruitment and Retention

Here are the details of proven techniques to attract and keep more drivers.

Savings Potential based on
5 Drop & Hooks for 10 trailers
1) Revenue increase = $100,000 / year
2) Equipment damage reduction = $3,700 / year
3) Driver / Rehire savings = $50,000 per year
4) Workers Compensation savings =

$12,000 / year

5) Cost avoidance purchase trailer = $40,000
6) Reduce trailer parking space by 20% = 1000 sq. ft.

Did You Know?
“According to Labor Department statistics released on April 10, 2002, truckers suffer the greatest number of injuries and illnesses resulting in lost work time. Truckers also had the highest median number of days away from work. The numbers are staggering. More than 40 percent of these were sprains or strains, most often involving the back. Overexerting while moving objects and contact with equipment were the greatest cause of injury. Clearly, there is a need to eliminate these injuries.”

Benefits of the On-LiftTM

  • Automatically raises and lowers landing gear in less than 10 seconds, with or without load.
  • Air operated – no messy hydraulics.
  • No electrical power source needed.
  • Reduces injuries and may reduce worker's compensation.
  • Satisfies current ergonomic recommendations.
  • Easy to operate for both men and women.
  • Helps to recruit and retain trained drivers.
  • Reduces damage to equipment.
  • Saves space when parking trailers.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance.
  • Retains the crank as a back-up.
  • Operates in both high and low gear.
  • Operates under all weather conditions.
  • Fits most types of landing gear.
  • Easily retrofits to your existing manual landing gear.
  • Compact, lightweight design only weighs 9 lbs.
  • Exclusive patented technology.
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Global patents pending.
ON-Lift ( patented )
US patent number 5,299,829.


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